Here are the other Halo Machinimas made in the past.Edit

Translate My Elite (8-28-10)Edit

How to speak blargish.Edit

Remembering Halo 3 (9-6-10)Edit

A short collage of videos made with Halo 3.Edit

Reach To WIPEOUT (10-26-10)Edit

A Halo Reach Parody of ABC's WIPEOUT TV show.Edit

Halo Bed Intruder (7-18-11)Edit

A Halo Reach parody of the Bed Intruder Song.Edit

John Travolta Meets Turnbuckler (8-1-11)Edit

What would happen if Turnbuckler (1dchouseman) met John Travolta in Halo Reach?Edit

Weapon Wars (11-18-11)Edit

Halo's BR55HB SR Balltle Rifle Vs. Saints Row 2's AR-50 XMAC.Edit

Lava Fight on Lava Pit (11-25-11)Edit

Turnbuckler Vs. Red Sword14 Vs. ODSTMichael10.Edit

Halo Reach Epic Fails (12-5-11)Edit

5 comical failures.Edit

Halo Macbeth (2-2-12)Edit

A scene from Macbeth, reenacted in Halo Reach.Edit

The Front Fell Off Reach (3-26-12)Edit

A Halo Reach Parody of "The Front Fell Off."Edit

How Not To Weld With Tyler North (6-2-12)Edit

How NOT to weld.Edit

TopGear Xbox Edition (Ep.1: 8-3-12) (Ep.2: 10-20-12)Edit

Tonight! I race 2 muscle cars, and I crash a Supercar.Edit

Life of a Warthog (11-19-12)Edit

Looking at the 3 different types of Warthogs.Edit

Inverted Deception (12-24-12)Edit

Dakoda Suffers from Slenderphobia (fear of Slenderman) and makes a deal with the Devil to end it.Edit

Inverted Deception (Many Games Machinima)

Inverted Deception (Many Games Machinima)

If Activision Bought Halo (2-12-13)Edit

When the rights to Halo are sold to Activision, Dakoda must find a way to get it back.Edit

If Activision Bought Halo (Halo 3 and 4 Machinima)

If Activision Bought Halo (Halo 3 and 4 Machinima)

Last Call (Re-Uploaded 11-1-13)Edit

Last Call is the biggest machinima ever attempted by 1dchouseman Films. It follows a new Spartan VI by the nickname of Rift as he does his part in a future civil war between the UNSC and the Day-Stalker Rebels.Edit

The Making of Last Call (11-1-13)Edit

This video shows how Last Call was created.Edit

Last Call: The Castaways (11-8-13)Edit

Scenes planned for Last Call that were removed for various reasons.Edit

First Call (2014)Edit

In planning and scripting phase.Edit